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The SELENE Data Archive will be closed on September 29, 2017. Kaguya data will continuously be provided on the SELENE Planetary Data System (PDS) site *1 and the KADIAS (KAguya Data Integrated Analysis System)*2. We hope that Kaguya data contributes to your research and activities ongoingly. *1:PDS *2:KADIAS


"Result of KAGUYA"

Jan 08, 2018
Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves Detected by Kaguya and Geotail in the Earth's Magnetotail(Tomoko Nakagawa, et al. JGR)

Oct 25, 2017
Detection of Intact Lava Tubes at Marius Hills on the Moon by SELENE (Kaguya) Lunar Radar Sounder(Tetsuya Kaku, Junichi Haruyama, et al. GRL)

Aug 10, 2017
Evidence of impact melt sheet differentiation of the lunar South Pole-Aitken basin(Kisara Uemoto, et al. JGR)

Jun 28, 2017
Lateral heterogeneity of lunar volcanic activity according to volumes of mare basalts in the farside basins(Masako Taguchi, et al. JGR)

Jun 1, 2017
Magma source transition of lunar mare volcanism at 2.3Ga(Shinsuke Kato, et al. Meteoritics and Planetary Science)

April 6, 2017
Kaguya observations of the lunar wake in the terrestrial foreshock: Surface potential change by bow-shock reflected ions(Masaki N. Nishino, et al. Icarus)

Jan 30, 2017
Biogenic oxygen from Earth transported to the Moon by a wind of magnetospheric ions(Kentaro Terada et al. Nature Astronomy)

Dec 27, 2016
The plasmapause formation seen from meridian perspective by KAGUYA(Go Murakami et al. JGR)

Sep 27, 2016
Calibration method of wave polarization data obtained by KAGUYA/WFC(Yoshitaka Goto et al. Radio Science)

Sep 20, 2016
Tectonic evolution of northwestern Imbrium of the Moon that lasted in the Copernican Period(Yuko Daket, et al. EPS)

Aug 21, 2016
Estimation method of planetary fast neutron flux by a Ge gamma-ray spectrometer(Makoto Hareyama, et al. NUCL INSTRUM METHODS PHYS RES)

May 2016
Development of an Application Scheme for the SELENE/SP Lunar Reflectance Model for Radiometric Calibration of Hyperspectral and Multispectral Sensors(Toru Kouyama et al. P&SS)

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Result of KAGUYA