First report -Observation of Planetary radio waves and Plasma waves-
Updated : 2007.12.17
Observation date : 2007.10.31

The initial functional check out of LRS was performed on October 30, 2007, and Planetary radio waves and plasma waves around the moon's orbit were observed without any interference from man-made noise from the earth and solar radiation by using Lunar Rader Sounder (LRS).

Figure shows the initial observation results of the data.

According to the early analysis results, the observation performance of LRS was verified as follows; the noise level is low enough (below -100 dBV) in 4-6 MHz band to be used for exploration of subsurface structure within the depth of several kilometers, and the noise levels are also low enough (below -110 dBV) in several MHz and above 10 MHz bands, so, the planetary radio emissions, such as those from Jupiter, can be detected. The initial data contains the plasma waves (Auroral Kilometricradiation: AKR) emitted from the terrestrial aurora and plasma waves(UHR waves) generated around the moon.

This data was processed by the LRS team.