Apollo 11 Landing site (around Mare Tranquillitatis)
Updated : 2008.04.11
Observation date : 2007.12.16

These images are enlargement of a part of the image of Apollo 11 landing site taken by Multiband imager (MI) on December 16, 2007. The landing site of Apollo 11 is pointed out by a red arrow in the left image.

The left image shows the single-band image (750nm) and the right image shows the color composite band ratio images among three bands (415nm, 750nm and 950nm). In the first report of MI, only a band ratio image showing the comparison of the strength of two bands (750nm and 1000nm) is posted, but for this image, three band ratio images are assigned to RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colors. MI is able to analyze mineral distributions and degree of space weathering with such band ratio images.

For instance, the red colored area covering the most part of the right image are thought to be old soil that exposed in space for long time and suffered space weathering heavily. In contrast, the blue to yellow green colored areas in spots indicate the flesh soil that were excavated by impacts of meteorites and suffered little space weathering effect. We have to study further to know which minerals distributed around this area.

Many Apollo samples from this area will help us to analyze the KAGUYA image data in the future study.

The data was processed by LISM/MI team.