First report (1/3)
Updated : 2007.12.28
Observation date : 2007.11.03

As the initial functional check out of the SP on November 3, 2007, the observation of SP was successfully performed. The obtained data is the world's first continuous reflectance spectra of the far side of the Moon in the visible and near infrared region.

The Spectral Profiler (SP) is a spectrometer that can obtain continuous reflectance spectra of the lunar surface from the nadir direction of the main orbiter "KAGUYA". SP performs global spectroscopic mapping of the Moon with unprecedented accuracy, and will determine the type and breakdown of lunar surface minerals.

The left figure is visualized images produced from SP data. The red part shows relative strong reflectance, while yellow, green and blue show weaker reflectance than the red area, respectively. The color change from green to yellow at around 950nm is expected to correspond with iron-bearing mineral distribution.