Result of KAGUYA

【 the year 2007 & 2008 - page 1 (2007, 2008 EPS & 26th ISTS) 】

04/09/2008(Earth Planets Space (EPS) )
Simulation analysis of differential phase delay estimation by same beam VLBI method
(Fuyuhiko Kikuchi et al.)
Telescope of extreme ultraviolet (TEX) onboard SELENE: science from the Moon
(Ichiro Yoshikawa et al.)
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) evaluation of the SELENE spacecraft for the lunar radar sounder (LRS) observations(Atsushi Kumamoto et al.)
Plasma wave observation using waveform capture in the Lunar Radar Sounder on board the SELENE spacecraft(Yoshiya Kasahara et al.)
Instrumentation and observation target of the Lunar Radar Sounder (LRS) experiment on-board the SELENE spacecraft(Takayuki Ono et al.)
Gamma-ray spectrometer (GRS) for lunar polar orbiter SELENE(Nobuyuki Hasebe et al.)
Complexities of gamma-ray line intensities from the lunar surface(Naoyuki Yamashita et al.)
Laboratory experiments of particle size effect in X-ray fluorescence and implications to remote X-ray spectrometry of lunar regolith surface(Yoko Maruyama et al.)
Numerical estimation of lunar X-ray emission for X-ray spectrometer onboard SELENE
(Kazunori Ogawa et al.)
Instrumentation and performance evaluation of the XRS on SELENE orbiter(Kei Shirai et al.)
Equivalent source mapping of the lunar crustal magnetic field using ABIC(M. Toyoshima et al.)
Ground calibration of the high-sensitivity SELENE lunar magnetometer LMAG(Hisayoshi Shimizu et al.)
Lunar cratering chronology: Statistical fluctuation of crater production frequency and its effect on age determination(Tomokatsu Morota et al.)
Global lunar-surface mapping experiment using the Lunar Imager/Spectrometer on SELENE
(Junichi Haruyama et al.)
Low-energy charged particle measurement by MAP-PACE onboard SELENE(Yoshifumi Saito et al.)
The possibility of studying the lunar ionosphere with the SELENE radio science experiment
(Takeshi Imamura et al.)
Performance and scientific objectives of the SELENE (KAGUYA) Multiband Imager(Makiko Ohtake et al.)

2008(26th ISTS)
KAGUYA(SELENE) Science Mission(Susumu Sasaki et al.)
High Performance Germanium Gamma-Ray Spectrometer On Lunar Polar Orbiter SELENE (KAGUYA)
(Nobuyuki Hasebe et al.)
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry of Lunar Surface by XRS Onboard SELENE (Kaguya)
(Tatsuaki Okada et al.)
Observation of the Near-Earth Plasmas by Telescope of Extreme Ultraviolet (TEX) Onboard SELENE: Science from the Moon(Ichiro Yoshikawa et al.)
Studying the Lunar Ionosphere with the SELENE Radio Science Experiment(Takeshi Imamura et al.)
Lunar Magnetic Field Observation by MAP-LMAG Onboard SELENE (KAGUYA): Ground and In-orbit Calibration(Hisayoshi Shimizu et al.)
Preliminary Results of the Lunar Topography by KAGUYA-LALT Mission(Hiroshi Araki et al.)
Low energy charged particle measurement by MAP-PACE onboard KAGUYA(Yoshifumi Saito et al.)
Generalized formulation of image correction applied to SELENE/LISM/MI(Taichi Takayama et al.)
Preliminary Results of The SELENE Multiband Imager(Makiko Ohtake et al.)
Development of Operation Plan and Log Management System for LISM(Shota Kikuchi et al.)
Lunar surface roughness estimation using stereoscopic data(Tomoyuki Yoshimatsu et al.)
Preliminary Results of the SELENE Terrain Camera(Junichi Haruyama et al.)
Initial results from the Lunar Radar Sounder Observation on-board the Kaguya (Selene) spacecraft
(Takayuki Ono et al.)
Differential Phase Delay Estimation in VRAD Mission of SELENE (KAGUYA)(Fuyuhiko Kikuchi et al.)
The Exploration of Lunar Gravity by VLBI Observations of SELENE (Kaguya)(Hideo Hanada et al.)
Properties of SELENE Small Satellites for Selenodetic Measurements: Rstar (OKINA) and Vstar (OUNA)(Takahiro Iwata et al.)
Science Objectives and Initial Operations of SELENE (Kaguya) Mission(Manabu Kato et al.)
KAGUYA(SELENE) mission overview(Yoshisada Takizawa et al.)
Science results and goals of SELENE (Kaguya) mission(Manabu Kato et al.)
Development of Mission Instruments onboard Kaguya (SELENE)(Hironori Maejima et al.)
Electromagnetic Compatibility of SELENE (KAGUYA)(Satoru Nakazawa et al.)
KAGUYA(SELENE) data delivery and EPO plan(Shin-ichi Sobue et al.)
The Operation result of SELENE (KAGUYA)(Hisahiro Konishi et al.)
Determination, Prediction and 3-D Graphical Display of "KAGUYA" Orbit(Mina Ogawa et al.)
Orbital Maneuver Plan and Operation Results of "KAGUYA" during Lunar Transfer Orbit and Lunar Orbit Injection(Takaaki Katoh et al.)
KAGUYA (SELENE) Trajectory Plans for Lunar Orbit Injection Contingency(Yasuhiro Kawakatsu)
Orbit Maneuver Compensation of KAGUYA for its Safe and Accurate Lunar Transfer
(Yasuhiro Kawakatsu et al.)
Attitude and Orbit Control System of SELenological & ENgineering Exploler, "KAGUYA"
(Yoshihiro Iwamoto et al.)
A design and operation outline of KAGUYA Communication System(Harunobu Kobayashi et al.)
Development of SELENE High-Gain Antenna(Toru Hamaki et al.)
SELENE Solar Array Paddle Subsystem Design(Tomonori ISHII et al.)
Thermal Control of Lunar Exploring Spacecraft "SELENE" (KAGUYA)(Yukio Matsufuji et al.)
On-orbit operation results of "KAGUYA" Lunar Explorer propulsion subsystem
(Mamoru Takahashi et al.)
Summary of the separation system for R/V-Star satellites of KAGUYA(Kazuhiro Abe et al.)
Lunar Utilization and Landing candidate site selection by using SELENE product
(Hirokazu Hoshino et al.)

Error analysis of same-beam differential VLBI technique using two SELENE satellites
(Qinghui Liu et al. Advances in Space Research)

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