Result of KAGUYA

【 the year 2010 (April 2010- March 2011) 】

Validation of Frame-Transfer Correction of SELENE/LISM/MI(Taichi Takayama et al. IEEE)

02/21/2011(Earth Planets Space (EPS))
Non-monochromatic whistler waves detected by Kaguya on the dayside surface of the moon
(Tomoko Nakagawa et al.)
Accuracy assessment of lunar topography models(H. S. Fok et al.)
Lunar ionosphere exploration method using auroral kilometric radiation
(Yoshitaka Goto et al.)
Timing and duration of mare volcanism in the central region of the northern farside of the Moon
(Tomokatsu Morota et al.)
Neutron production in the lunar subsurface from alpha particles in galactic cosmic rays
(Shuya Ota et al.)

Anomalous Moscoviense basin: Single oblique impact or double impact origin?
(Yoshiaki Ishihara et al. GRL)
Jan. 2011
Effect of Phase Pattern of Antennas Onboard Flying Spin Satellites on Doppler Measurements
(Qinghui Liu et al. IEEE)
Timing and Characteristics of the Latest Mare Eruption on the Moon
(Tomokatsu Morota et al. EPSL)
Lunar gravity field determination using SELENE same-beam differential VLBI tracking data
(Sander Goossens et al. Geodesy)
Deriving the Absolute Reflectance of Lunar Surface Using SELENE (Kaguya) Multiband Imager Data
(Makiko Ohtake et al. SSR)
High-Definition Television System Onboard Lunar Explorer Kaguya (SELENE) and Imaging of the Moon and the Earth(Junichi Yamazaki et al. SSR)
Electrostatic solitary waves associated with magnetic anomalies and wake boundary of the Moon observed by KAGUYA(Kozo Hashimoto et al. GRL)
Foreword(Ayako Matsuoka et al. SSR)
Interaction between terrestrial plasma sheet electrons and the lunar surface: SELENE (Kaguya) observations(Yuki Harada et al. GRL)
Ground Compatibility Tests for Gravity Measurement of SELENE: Accuracies of Two- and Four-Way Doppler and Range Measurements(Noriyuki Namiki et al. SSR)
The Kaguya Mission Overview(Manabu Kato et al. SSR)
The Lunar Radar Sounder (LRS) Onboard the KAGUYA (SELENE) Spacecraft
(Takayuki Ono et al. SSR)
Variation in lunar sodium exosphere measured from lunar orbiter SELENE (Kaguya)
(Masato Kagitani et al. P&SS)
Data Processing at KAGUYA Operation and Analysis Center(Hirokazu Hoshino et al. SSR)
Conversion Method From Moving Pictures Captured by High-Definition Television Camera on Kaguya (SELENE) Into Stereoscopic Images(Masato Miura et al. Journal of Display Technology)
Possible mantle origin of olivine around lunar impact basins detected by SELENE
(Satoru Yamamoto et al. Nature Geoscience)
Effect of the solar wind proton entry into the deepest lunar wake
(Masaki N. Nishino et al. GRL)
Conjunction study of plasmapause location using ground-based magnetometers, IMAGE-EUV, and Kaguya-TEX data(Yuki Obana et al. JGR)
An improved lunar gravity field model from SELENE and historical tracking data: Revealing the farside gravity features(Koji Matsumoto et al. JGR)
Studying the Lunar Ionosphere with SELENE Radio Science Experiment
(Takeshi Imamura et al. SSR)
Characterization of Multiband Imager Aboard SELENE Pre-flight and In-flight Radiometric Calibration
(Shinsuke Kodama et al. SSR)
Jun. 2010
Computational Geology for Lunar Data Analysis (Noriaki Asada et al. AOGS)
Jun. 2010
Distributions of K and Th on the Moon: The Initial Results from Observations by SELENE GRS
(Yuzuru karouji et al. AOGS)
Jun. 2010
The Ambient Dose Equivalent from Lunar Gamma-Rays Observed by Kaguya Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
(Yuko Takeda et al. AOGS)
Jun. 2010
Lunar Gamma-Ray Observation by Kaguya GRS (Nobuyuki Hasebe et al. AOGS)
Determining the Absolute Abundances of Natural Radioactive Elements on the Lunar Surface by the Kaguya Gamma-ray Spectrometer(Shingo Kobayashi et al. SSR)
Uranium on the Moon: Global distribution and U/Th ratio(Naoyuki Yamashita et al. GRL)
Overview of Differential VLBI Observations of Lunar Orbiters in SELENE (Kaguya) for Precise Orbit Determination and Lunar Gravity Field Study(Hideo Hanada et al. SSR)
Magnetic Cleanliness Program Under Control of Electromagnetic Compatibility for the SELENE (Kaguya) Spacecraft(Masaki Matsushima et al. SSR)
Lunar Magnetic Field Observation and Initial Global Mapping of Lunar Magnetic Anomalies by MAP-LMAG Onboard SELENE (Kaguya)(Hideo Tsunakawa et al. SSR)
Plasmaspheric EUV images seen from lunar orbit: Initial results of the extreme ultraviolet telescope on board the Kaguya spacecraft(Ichiro Yoshikawa et al. JGR)
Illumination conditions of the south pole of the Moon derived using Kaguya topography
(D.B.J. Bussey, H. Noda, Y. Ishihara, et al. Icarus)
In-flight Performance and Initial Results of Plasma Energy Angle and Composition Experiment (PACE) on SELENE (Kaguya)(Yoshifumi Saito et al. SSR )
Same-beam VLBI observations of SELENE for improving lunar gravity field model
(Qinghui Liu et al. Radio Science)
An Application of Lunar GIS with Visualized and Auditory Japan's Lunar Explorer "Kaguya" Data
(Shin-ichi Sobue et al. Advanced Techniques)

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