Result of KAGUYA

【 the year 2009 - page 2 (August 2009- March 2010) 】

First sequential images of the plasmasphere from the meridian perspective observed by KAGUYA
(Go Murakami et al. EPS)
Simultaneous Observation of Lunar Radar Sounder and Laser Altimeter of Kaguya for Lunar Regolith Layer Thickness Estimate(Takao Kobayashi et al. IEEE)
Detectability of subsurface interfaces in lunar maria by the LRS/SELENE sounding radar: Influence of mineralogical composition
(A. Pommerol et al. GRL)
Formation age of the lunar crater Giordano Bruno
(Tomokatsu MOROTA et al. Meteoritics and Planetary Science)
The Upper Atmosphere and Plasma Imager/the Telescope of Visible Light (UPI/TVIS) onboard the Kaguya spacecraft(Makoto Taguchi et al. EPS)
Jan. 2010
Proposal of Lunar GIS With Visualized and Auditory Data of Japan's Lunar Explorer "KAGUYA (SELENE)"
(Shin-ichi Sobue et al. Journal of Communication and Computer)
In-orbit calibration of the lunar magnetometer onboard SELENE (KAGUYA)
(Futoshi Takahashi et al. EPS)
First in situ observation of the Moon-originating ions in the Earth's Magnetosphere by MAP-PACE on SELENE (KAGUYA)(Takaaki Tanaka et al. GRL)
Ultramafic impact melt sheet beneath the South Pole-Aitken basin on the Moon
(Ryosuke Nakamura et al. GRL)
Possible lunar lava tube skylight observed by SELENE cameras(Junichi Haruyama et al. GRL)
Mare volcanism in the lunar farside Moscoviense region: Implication for lateral variation in magma production of the Moon(Tomokatsu Morota et al. GRL)
Crustal thickness of the Moon: Implications for farside basin structures
(Yoshiaki Ishihara et al. GRL)
Distribution of the subsurface reflectors of the western nearside maria observed from Kaguya with Lunar Radar Sounder(Shoko Oshigami et al. GRL)
The global distribution of pure anorthosite on the Moon(Makiko Ohtake et al. Nature)
Solar-wind proton access deep into the near-Moon wake(Masaki N. Nishino et al. GRL)
Aug. 2009
First optical observation of the Moon's sodium exosphere from the lunar orbiter SELENE (Kaguya)
(Masato Kagitani et al. EPS)

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