Result of KAGUYA

【 the year 2008 - page 2 (July 2008- March 2009) 】

Picosecond accuracy VLBI of the two subsatellites of SELENE (KAGUYA) using multifrequency and same beam methods(Fuyuhiko Kikuchi et al. Radio Science)
Lunar Radar Sounder Observations of Subsurface Layers Under the Nearside Maria of the Moon
(Takayuki Ono et al. Science)
Lunar Global Shape and Polar Topography Derived from Kaguya-LALT Laser Altimetry
(Hiroshi Araki et al. Science )
Farside Gravity Field of the Moon from Four-Way Doppler Measurements of SELENE (Kaguya)
(Noriyuki Namiki et al. Science )
Plasmoid formation for multiple onset substorms: observations of the Japanese Lunar Mission "Kaguya"(Tsugunobu Nagai et al. Ann.Geophys)
Solar wind proton reflection at the lunar surface: Low energy ion measurement by MAP-PACE onboard SELENE (KAGUYA)(Yoshifumi Saito et al. GRL)
Illumination conditions at the lunar polar regions by KAGUYA(SELENE) laser altimeter)
(Hirotomo Noda et al. GRL)
Discoveries on the lithology of lunar crater central peaks by SELENE Spectral Profiler
(Tsuneo Matsunaga et al. GRL)
Long-Lived Volcanism on the Lunar Farside Revealed by SELENE Terrain Camera
(Junichi Haruyama et al. Science)
Lack of Exposed Ice Inside Lunar South Pole Shackleton Crater(Junichi Haruyama et al. Science)

07/18/2008(Advances in Space Research)
Planned radiometrically calibrated and geometrically corrected products of lunar high-resolution Terrain Camera on SELENE(Junichi Haruyama et al.)
Observation of the lunar topography by the laser altimeter LALT on board Japanese lunar explorer SELENE(Hiroshi Araki et al.)
Current status of X-ray spectrometer development in the SELENE project(Yukio Yamamoto et al.)
The high precision gamma-ray spectrometer for lunar polar orbiter SELENE(Nobuyuki Hasebe et al.)
The Japanese lunar mission SELENE: Science goals and present status(Manabu Kato et al.)
VLBI for better gravimetry in SELENE(Hideo Hanada et al.)
The simulation of lunar gravity field recovery from D-VLBI of Chang’E-1 and SELENE lunar orbiters
(Jianguo Yan et al.)
A simulation study for anticipated accuracy of lunar gravity field model by SELENE tracking data
(Koji Matsumoto et al.)
Scientific objectives and specification of the SELENE Multiband Imager(Makiko Ohtake et al.)

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