Result of KAGUYA

【 the year 2009 - page 1 (April - June 2009 & 27th ISTS) 】

Pairwise energy gain-loss feature of solar wind protons in the near-Moon wake
(Masaki N. Nishino et al. GRL)
First direct detection of ions originating from the Moon by MAP-PACE IMA onboard SELENE(KAGUYA)
(Shoichiro Yokota et al. GRL)
Germanium Gamma-Ray Spectrometer on SELENE (KAGUYA)
(Naoyuki Yamashita et al. the Physical Society of Japan)
First Results of High Performance Ge Gamma-Ray Spectrometer Onboard Lunar Orbiter SELENE (KAGUYA)(Nobuyuki Hasebe et al. the Physical Society of Japan)

2009 (27th ISTS)
Lunar Radar Sounder Observations of Subsurface Geology and Natural Waves
(Yasushi Yamaguchi et al.)
Studying the Lunar Ionosphere with SELENE Radio Science Experiment
(Takeshi Imamura et al.)
In-situ measurement of lunar magnetic field and plasma: results from MAP onboard KAGUYA
(Yoshifumi Saito et al.)
A New Lunar Topographic Map of the Moon by the laser altimeter (LALT) on board KAGUYA
(Hiroshi Araki et al.)
Mineralogical Survey of the Moon Using SELENE Multiband Imager and Spectral Profiler
(Tsuneo Matsunaga et al.)
Studies on 4-way Doppler and differential VLBI techniques of Kaguya (SELENE) for detecting lunar gravity field(Qinghui Liu et al.)
Results of the Global Mapping of Lunar Gravity Field by KAGUYA, OKINA, and OUNA
(Takahiro Iwata et al.)
X-Ray Experiments around the Moon by XRS onboard KAGUYA
(Tatsuaki Okada et al.)
Overview of Elemental Distributions on the Moon Observed by SELENE GRS
(Nobuyuki Hasebe et al.)
Semi-automatic Recognition of Lunar Geologic Units Based on Texture and Spectral Features Using Image Data Observed by Kaguya TC/MI
(Yuto Shibata et al.)
Morphological and Spectral Analyses of Large Lunar Craters: Insights from Images of LISM/Kaguya
(Naru Hirata et al.)
New Views of the Moon from the SELENE (KAGUYA)/LISM/Terrain Camera one-year observation
(Junichi Haruyama et al.)
Image of the cold plasmas around the Earth observed by telescope of Extreme ultraviolet (TEX) onboard KAGUYA: Geoscience from the moon
(Go Murakami et al.)
Orbit Determination and Gravity Estimation Results of KAGUYA: from Nominal Observation Phase to Extended Mission Phase
(Hitoshi Ikeda et al.)
Operation and Evaluation Results of KAGUYA Attitude and Orbit Control System on Lunar Orbit
(Shuichi Matsumoto et al.)
KAGUYA(SELENE) Education and Public Outreach activity
(Shin-ichi Sobue et al.)
Development and Operation results of "KAGUYA(SELENE)" ground systems
(Hirokazu Hoshino et al.)
The SELENE (KAGUYA) operation result of nominal operation and the plan of extended operation
(Hisahiro Konishi et al.)
Mission Instruments onboard Kaguya (SELENE)
(Hironori Maejima et al.)

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